Uzbekistan - treasure trove of architectural monuments

Uzbekistan is an extraordinary country. This is the central part of Central Asia, which is a treasure trove of architectural monuments, the concentration of ancient cities, one of the centers of the famous Silk Road.

Uzbekistan - treasure trove of architectural monuments

Especially there are a lot of beautiful places in Tashkent. On the square of ​​Khazrat Imam the complex of historical and architectural monuments is located. Barak Khan madrassah is striking by its beauty of the monument of architecture of the Middle Ages. State museums of art, history, literature and nature attract the attention of tourists. Interesting places in Uzbekistan are Tashkent television tower and the Monumental Complex of Courage. The ancient settlement Shash-Tepa with the temple of fire-worshipers is in the city.

Tourists try to see unusual places. With this antiquity of the East one can familiarize in Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. The main attraction of Shakhrisabz – the city of Timur - ruins of the gate of Ak-Saray. On the square there is a statue of Tamerlane. Tourists visit Kok Gumbaz mosque and the mausoleum of Sheikh Shamseddin Kulyal.

Sheikh Shamseddin Kulyal

The best places in Uzbekistan, which contribute to proper rest, are always crowded. The local population is proud of Independence Square in the capital, which is considered a landmark of the city. Recreation centers differ welcoming atmosphere. Taking walks in the park area of the capital, it is impossible not to draw attention to the carved doors of Abulkasym madrassah that friendly encounter lovers of antiquity and Uzbek craft.

Visiting Uzbekistan, travelers visit Tashkent Gallery of Fine Arts, where you can see the unique collections and exhibits. In the Republic there are more than 40 theaters. Lovers of skiing each year spend time in Chimgan and Beldersay.

Uzbekistan also attracts by all unusual. So, fantastic pictures were found on the Alai Range to the south of Fergana city. This ridge extends along the western spurs of the Himalayas and Fergana is located in the Fergana Valley, gripped between the Kyrgyz mountains in the north and the Alay mountain range in the south.

Khodja Gur Gur ota

Another unusual attraction of Uzbekistan is the massif of Khodja Gur Gur ota, translated as "the father of all caves." It is one of two large mountain masses of the south-western spur of the Gissar range. This is a distant land of a very harsh and wild life at an altitude of 3,700 above sea level. The gigantic sloping top of the mountain massif ends with dizzying 500 meters cliff on one side and deep canyons with tearing cracks of the plateau on the other. Here you can see fossilized dinosaur footprints, basaltic debris and rubble of different shapes. The steep vertical slope of Khodja Gur Gur ota has entries in a variety of caves, many of which have not yet been investigated. And having rised to the top of the array, you will feel standing on a huge wall enclosing one world from another.

Also Baysun region was recognized by UNESCO the "Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity". At this point of Surkhandarya region the ancient way - customs and rituals, songs and dances, crafts, historical style in clothes preserved.

The town itself is small, here 30 thousand of people live. With its suburbs spectacular panoramas of the Baysuntau mountains open. Baysun stands apart from the route Tashkent-Termez, that is why, perhaps, it remains the keeper of the national culture.

Baysuntau mountains

The fields near the villages of the Baysuntau mountains are sowed with wheat, and as long as the crop matures, the families take away their herds to pastures. From May to September they live in yurts, settlements for 5-7 families. The yurts accommodate 7-10 people.

People live here as centuries ago, and go down in the city only on the market. They live, of course, without a television.

You should also visit Uzbekistan, and with the help of this page and some options, travelers can choose tour to Uzbekistan.

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